Friday, March 26, 2010

Hotline: Freezepop's tasty matinee treat

Hotline repost: Boston synthpop heroes Freezepop were one of the first bands to really take advantage of this whole “music in video games,” so it was kind of a bum-out to see they weren’t a part of the PAX East gamer showcase taking over the city this weekend. Especially since it’s PAX’s first time here in the Hub, and Freezepop have been doing their blip-blop electronic thing way before everyone went out and bought keyboards with the money received for trading in their guitars at Mr Music.

But hey, evs city, right? Because they’re not the kind of band to be outdone by just about anything, the ‘Pop is taking over Café 939 near Berklee for a fun little matinee gig tomorrow, allowing PAX attendees from out of town to get a tasty treat from one of Boston’s finest. As an added bonus, Videodrome VJ/DJ Craig MacNeil adds his vintage sights and sounds before his party at Allston’s CommonGround gets rolling later that evening. Last time Freezepop played with the sun still shining, it was their 10th anniversary shows at Harper’s Ferry, so you know this day-lit rave-up is special. Here’s the word from the band’s Facebook invite:

Saturday, March 27 - Boston, at Cafe 939, 939 Boylston St. (right across the street from PAX!) with vintage VJ/DJ delights, courtesy of Videodrome! Doors at 4 pm. $10, all-ages! And it's a pretty small venue, so you might wanna think about getting advance tickets. (Also, not an official PAX event, meaning, a. you don't need a PAX badge to get in, and b. you can't use a PAX badge to get in.)

a lil' backstory for everyone who was like "OMG they're not at PAX, whaaaat?": the PAX folks juggle their lineup and rotate out bands every few years, and it's our turn to sit this one out. but then we started hearing from folks who were sad since they're going to be in town, but won't get to see us. and then we figured, hey, we live in boston, let's do something about that. we had an opportunity to play at cafe 939, which is actually a venue we've been interested in for a while, and bonus, it's right across the street from PAX! we're doing an afternoon show, so as not to conflict with the official PAX concert, and it's happening right after the music panel on saturday. it'll be a fun time, i am reasonably sure.

a lil' backstory for anyone who's like "what's PAX?": never mind, just come to our show. it'll be a fun time, i am reasonably sure.

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