Friday, March 26, 2010

Across the sea: Holiday playlists UK vs SXSW

As everyone knows, both DJ Ken and myself were vacant from the pill last week, marking the first time in the party's 12+ year history that both its residents were away doing something other than spinning the night.

We're back tonight, and in this week's mailing list -- which you can subscribe to here -- we both listed our holiday playlists. Mine is from SXSW (you may have noticed I was there) and his is from a week carousing in London. Fire walk with me...

Michael V's Top 5: SXSW Edition
1. Class Actress - "Careful What You Say"
2. Surfer Blood - "Swim"
3. Crystal Fighters - "Xtatic Truth"
4. Marina & the Diamonds - "Hollywood"
5. French Horn Rebellion - "What I Want"

DJ Ken's Top 5: London Edition
1. Ellie Goulding - "Guns & Horses"
2. Delphic - "Halcyon"
3. Reverend & the Makers - "Professor Pickles"
4. Two Door Cinema Club - "Kids"
5. Desire - "Under Your Spell"

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