Friday, March 12, 2010

Tonight: The Honors return to le pill

Ahh, The Honors. Back at another go-round the pill's modern indie fountain tonight in Allston, these charming men's first regular gig with us since their magnetic performance as the Smiths last Halloween. The rain may fall hard on a hum drum town, but this town's got the sound... xoMv. From the pill boston dot com:

friday march 12:
the honors

these charming men return to the pill

They said it couldn’t be done. Halloween is a time for suspension of reality, hinging on a willingness to transport oneself to an alternative mindset of fantasy and idolatry. At our annual Halloween shows, musical extensions to the past are commonplace, and usually there is a clear and safe lineage between today’s performer and yesterday’s hero. Taking on the Smiths, however, was a task immediately dismissed by most and viewed skeptically by the rest. Except, of course, for the four lads in Boston’s rising modern indie outfit ready to play the role: the Honors. In short, they fucking killed it. It was a legendary show, set for the ages. This week the Honors return to our Great Scott stage, their second performance with us in a year’s time and third if you include their rousing rendition of Morrissey, Marr and those famed spare lawnmower parts. Dropping the thin veil of majestic tribute, the Honors re-emerge at our Friday night dance party armed solid with their own pop gems, taking easy melodic glide of rock n’ roll’s radio dial and juxtaposing it against the jubilant buzz of tomorrow’s underground scene. Two new Honors tracks, “Driven By Strangers” and “Lower Allston,” bask in the keen residue of those late-night Smiths practice sessions, and suggest these charming men have a light that won’t go out anytime soon. Join us as we reel around the modern indie fountain this Friday at the pill.

Catch up with the Honors over at, and praise the camera lens of Mick Murray as YouTube allows us to rekindle the warmth of the Honors’ Halloween dance: Bigmouth Strikes Again / How Soon Is Now? / What Difference Does It Make? ... Before and after the band, DJ Ken & Michael V spin the best in Britpop, Modern Indie & Beyond. Look sharp. xothepill

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