Monday, March 29, 2010

Dirty Dishes on a rainy Monday

Well, this is how it's done. Send a cryptic email on a rainy morning with no text, just an image, and have the image linked to a 90-second video of awesome. Have the recipient watch the video, have him or her trace it back to a MySpace, and then sit back as "Deer in Headlights" captures his lush attention several times before the whole fucking package gets posted on a blog.

Dirty Dishes - "Thin Air" from Dirty Dishes on Vimeo.

Dirty Dishes, well played. Ace tunes, as well, and perfect for this morning. Now I'm bummed I arrived late to that Passion Pit show a few months ago, as I think this band opened (before Magic Magic). Next show is an April 10 matinee at the Mid Easy with Southern Belle. Sweet.

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