Monday, March 8, 2010

Guy from All American Rejects to open Royale

Gotz Hotz?!?: Some details on Saturday’s grand opening party at Royale are starting to leak out. That pretty-faced heartthrob from power-pop ground All-American Rejects – apparently his name is Tyson Ritter! – will provide the live tunes, while DJ Sizzahands of the New York-based Crooklyn Clan and DJ Beyonder of local crew Bladerunners will drop the beats.

Hotline spies say the former Roxy Nightclub space on Tremont Street will cater to more of the mainstream Boston nightlife crowd, and a hit radio station-sponsored Top 40 dance party will anchor the weekend entertainment. But Hotline is also catching wind of some epic monthly underground electro parties bound to get everyone all sweaty, so hopefully there’s some of that to counter the “Jersey Shore” cameos and faint stench of that old Roxy clientele.

Either way, Royale has our attention, and not just because of that fancy new hardwood floor...

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