Monday, March 22, 2010

Sights and sounds from SXSW: Saturday

Day 3 and the final day, essentially, of SXSW madness was fairly intense. My phone died just as I was kicked out of the Phoenix Club for throwing a drink at some yah-dude who booted us from some VIP both (yeah, I'm that guy) so I have no visual evidence of the Vice party (Les Savy Fav, some awesome Puerto Rican punk band, free red bull vodkas). But the shit leading up to that was fucking slayer.

I. Love. Class. Actress. April. 30. At. The. Pill. xoxoxooxsigh.

Not as good as his set at Barcelona a few days earlier, but Le Castle Vania remains my fav DJ all-time. This set ruled -- until I was thrown out...

Following Class Actress at Phoenix was French Horn Rebellion, whose electropop jams are as tight as the Magic Magic remix they did a few months ago.

Typical SXSW story: Class Actress says they're going on at 8:45. Get to the venue, they're on at 9:45. Turns out the band on at 8:45 was the at-the-time-unknown-to-me Crystal Fighters, from London. They ended up being the BEST band I saw the entire week. Fucking intense shit, indie dude singing over dubstep and Basque beats. Mind blowing gig.

Growlers filled in the time while talking shop with Ayad at Kung Fu; these dudes had the illest school/tour bus. I don't recall the music.

Ayad and Jeff from Passion Pit holding it down while bracing from the cold at Kung Fu....

Stumbled into Beauty Bar with an hour or so to kill, caught Icelandic DJ Steed Lord (pictured) then a devastating set by BK's Dances With White Girls... Kill the Noise, Felix Cartal, Treasure Fingers, Craze, Bird Peterson all followed. Whaaaa?!?! Epic lineup stack...


  1. The Puerto Rican punk band was Davila 666 and they really were awesome.