Friday, March 26, 2010

Passion Pit's 'Manners' gets re-released DELUX

Forever in bed with Hotline: When still with the Smiths, Morrissey once sang "Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! / Re-evaluate the songs / Double-pack with a photograph / Extra Track (and a tacky badge)." I think of those lyrics from "Paint A Vulgar Picture" each time a favorite album of mine gets re-released.

But even the Mozzer has done it in recent years, and now it's (already) Passion Pit's turn. Our homegrown dance-pop lads will re-issue a delux version of "Manners" on April 13, complete with -- you guessed it -- new artwork and bonus tracks. Bring it on, as long as the tacky badge stays at home.

From The Deluxe edition will feature new artwork and exclusive bonus tracks including stripped down versions of "Sleepyhead" and "Moths Wings" and Cranberries cover "Dreams."

That Cranberries cover has been a staple of their live show for a while now, and nearly brought the house down at a sold-out House of Blues back in January. Here's the vinyl-hinting artwork, which Hotline kinda loves and digs more than the original:

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  1. that's pretty cool! i can't wait to see passion pit live in columbus on the 31st, it's going to be suuccchh and awesome show