Friday, August 21, 2009

Twin Berlin live @ the pill tonight

We usually only book locals at the pill, but every now and again an out-of-towner strikes my fancy and I bring them to Great Scott for our Friday night dance party (BM Linx, Elkland, The Dossier). I've been all about Twin Berlin for weeks now, and am beyond stoked to party with them tonight. Here's the goods from the Great Scott mailing list I whip up each Thursday:

FRIDAY 08.21.09 TWIN BERLIN with resident DJs Ken & Michael V.
I'd be lying if I said I've been waiting for ages for this show, because quite frankly, it came together rather quickly and recently. A few weeks ago at Le Herald de Boston I received a demo CD wrapped in Connecticut newspaper.

In an age of fancy-pants press packets and overpriced look-at-me-sonically-spooge packaging, I was intrigued. Then when I listed, I was floored. A few days later, they had this gig at the pill. NYC's Twin Berlin shape up, right now, as a cross between the Libertines and the Strokes, a raunchy '70s-era rock n roll romp that's equally danceable and morning-after magnetic. In a year where the pill has offered Passion Pit, Giantess, Black Joe Lewis and New Collisions, I fully expect Twin Berlin to join the list of exploding breakthrough artists who partied with us in 2009. You should, too. This will be fucking mad town, and like the time we all saw an unknown band called the Strokes open for Doves around 2000, we can all say we saw them back when... Seriously, do not miss this shit, and go check out "Fake It Well" and "Pretty From the Window" on their MySpace as a primer. 21+ 10pm $5

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