Friday, August 7, 2009

New drink at Great Scott: the Will Clark

Last weekend I was treated to a new adult beverage at the Great Scott BBQ, featuring 3/4s Firefly sweet tea vodka and a quarter of Country Time lemonade. It was so smooth, so sweet, so natural, I named it "The Will Clark," after the greatest ballplayer who ever lived. This may be HQ of Red Sox Nation and a long way from San Francisco, but not even Todd Benzinger could roll with Clark's gifted stroke and overall greatness.

Being my favorite player of all time and boyhood idol, let's take a look back at the Clark's pivotal role in the 1989 Giants-Cubs NLCS before we all get shitcanned and bear-hug the weekend (props to Zack Info for the link):

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  1. Hah, Will Clark was one of my favorite ballplayers when I was a kid too. He was one of the few players who signed and returned the baseball card I sent him.