Wednesday, August 12, 2009

La Roux La Rules

I was putz'ing around the Boston Phoenix' picks page, getting hip to that Mystery Roar, DPony and DJ Die Young party Thursday at Enormous Room when my eyes drifted to the always-awesome On The Download blog and saw Carly's rant about how awesome La Roux is. I tend to agree with this sentiment, and read down to where he linked the band's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel way back whenever. And here I be, jacking that shit and posting it here. Cause it rules.

London electro-pop duo La Roux has been getting much love at the pill lately, with "Bulletproof," "Quicksand" and "In For The Kill" all getting spins each Friday (album hits domestically in October). You know a chick is all '80s when she starts singing about quicksand. Ain't nobody got caught in quicksand before Jan. 1, 1980 and after Jan. 1, 1990. Getting stuck in quicksand is the quintessential '80s thing, and singing about it is just so next fucking level.

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