Thursday, August 20, 2009

Radio Clash: FNX mayoral battle ships up

Major LOLz coming out of Lynn this morning, where Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty selected the same song for their "My Song..." radio battle. (Details on the competition a few posts down). From my Herald blog:

Radio Clash: Yoon and Flaherty ship up similarly
In this morning’s “My Song Is Better Than Your Song” competition on FNX Radio 101.7 FM’s Sandbox Morning Show (which Hotline detailed a few days ago), both mayoral candidates had a similar approach.

Both defending champion Sam Yoon and challenger Michael Flaherty actually selected the same song: The Dropkick Murphys’ “Shipping Up To Boston.”

LOL City, pop. 2.

Yoon, a favorite of Sandbox listeners who had been undeafeated in the “My Song…” segement the previous five weeks, took home the win by a 3-to-1 voting margin. Votes were tallied by listener calls, emails and instant/text messages.

Tough break for Flaherty, who probably thought he had a shot at the upset by bringing in the Dropkicks. Not a bad plan, but Yoon, who had previously selected songs by Radiohead and the Violent Femmes, also went with the local punks.

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