Monday, February 22, 2010

Tonight: 'Rock Shop 3: How to get a gig'

Repost from Hotline: Getting a sweet gig at that sweet rock club on a sweet date with other sweet bands – it’s not as easy as it looks. You need pro communication skills to go along with those pro chops. You got to step up your game, load up the Rock Gun with mp3s, links and a press photo of your band standing against a wall (casually). You need the promise of a “killer draw.” You need a drummer who is on time. You need a female bassist.

For promoters looking to get into the game, you need all of the above times four. So before you book that sure-to-be-legendary Saturday night at the Middle East downstairs, head down to the Cambridge nightclub tonight and talk shop. ROCK SHOP.

“Rock Shop 3: How Do I Get A Show?” features three of the city’s finest talent buyers – Kevin Hoskins (Middle East), Randi Millman (T.T. The Bear’s Place) and Carl Lavin (Great Scott). All will hold court over two hours discussing proper ways to acquire or book a gig, how to ensure getting invited back for a second go-round and why at least one of them has been ignoring your daily emails since August.

Fun times.

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