Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A note from Pela

Brooklyn quintet Pela might go down as my favorite band of the last decade, despite only a few years of activity and one album to their credit. "Anytown Graffiti" is a breathtaking piece of work, Americana-ish indie rock at its finest, and I was really bummed to hear they broke up a few months back. Last night, they sent out a mailing list note detailing their new individual projects, and it's posted below after the video. Really, just an incredible, incredible band that is already missed.

Hello friends,

It has been many months since you have last heard from us so we wanted to send out a letter thanking you for all of your support and letting you in on the future.

Pela was always more than just a band to us. It was a community of people and a vehicle to have and share experiences. Over the past five months we have received countless letters from many of you stating how we have touched your lives, so it is important for us to tell you that you have touched our lives as well, and for that we are forever grateful.

In the spirit of community here is what the members of the band are working on for the future......

Tomislav is well on his way to starting a family and we truly couldn't be happier for him. Tom is also playing drums with various artists, both live and in the studio, both in America and across the pond in Europe.

Nate has announced a new project called Thieving Irons and is putting the final touches on his album 'This Midnight Hum'. He has recently released a demo of one of his songs online, reaching support from KEXP and Brooklyn Vegan, and is currently in the middle of a one month residency at Sycamore in Brooklyn. For more information on the project go to

Josh Riccio has completed his first solo record under the name Freak Owls, due out March 2nd. The album, "Taxidermy", is a collaboration by Josh and his friends, and was recorded and mixed by Eric Sanderson. You can stream a few of the songs at his Myspace page and soon there will be more information at

Lastly, Billy and Eric have have been working hard on a 'special project' and will be announcing information within the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the news.

Thank you again for all of your support over the years. Here's to the future!


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