Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapterhouse to reform at Brooklyn gig

From Hotline, where the only thing that's lacking is me writing HOLY FUCK!!!: No shoegaze ‘til Brooklyn?

Early ‘90s UK dream-pop quintet Chapterhouse has reformed for a few reunion shows, announcing a one-off gig in Brooklyn in May after a handful of April appearances in Japan. Thankfully, word on the street is more North American dates will be on the way. ... *cough Boston cough*…

But for now, the destination is The Bell House in Brooklyn, where the reunited ‘gazers will perform on May 3. (Tickets are $22.50, on sale now.) xlr8r.com reports the original lineup will be intact, except for Greg Moore subbing in for bassist Russell Barrett. Works for us.

As the British Nineties were hitting its stride, Chapterhouse built a small cult following alongside the likes of Lush, Slowdive and Ride in Britain’s ultra-hyped shoegaze scene. Fitting the mold of expanding, swirling guitars set to the baggy beat of Madchester, Chapterhouse are perhaps best known for the 1991 single “Pearl.” It’s a time-honored Hotline favorite and is posted below.

This news leaves only two questions: Will there be a Boston date (Paradise? Mid East downstairs? Hotline HQ?!?), and two, when will Ride follow Chapterhouse and Svervedriver to be the next reunited shoegazers?

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