Monday, February 1, 2010

Hotline: OMC frontman dies. Not bizarre.

Reposted from Hotline: Time to pour out some Tui or Speight's on the sidewalk outside for New Zealand's Pauly Fuemana, the voice of '90s one-hit wonder OMC who died over the weekend. He was 40.

OMC, or Otara Millionaires Club, hit it big in 1996 with the global smash "How Bizarre." It was New Zealand's biggest selling record ever, hitting Number 1 in eight countries though it never got a proper release in the U.S. Undeterred, the song was named the 71st greatest one-hit wonder of all time by VH1 in 2002.

The video of the OMC trio driving around New Zealand in a Chevy Impala was a staple of MTV after its release, with Fuemana looking like a cross between Chazz Palminteri in "Bronx Tale and Elvis Presley. Call Hotline crazy, but this song still holds up!

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