Friday, February 26, 2010

Gotta Love It: Denise from the Taco Bell ads

You want hard-hitting journalism? Well in today's Gotta Love It section of the Boston Herald, I address "Denise" from the Taco Bell ads. That journalism degree from Hofstra University is really paying off:

Not since Gidget the talking Chihuahua has Taco Bell [YUM] gotten so much buzz from a commercial. You’ve probably seen it: a guy asks for Denise because he thinks he’s getting a hook-up and up to the register walks the cutest Taco Bell employee ever. Turns out Denise is Nicole Hayden, a New Jersey-born actress who once appeared in “8 Simple Rules” under the name Nikki Danielle Moore. And according to her Facebook page, she’s a die-hard Red Sox fan. Our Nation rejoices. -- Michael Marotta

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