Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Pink: the pill's black hearted dance party

Tonight down at the pill...

friday february 12:
a black hearted dance party
anti-Valentine's Day social mixer
'Best Dance Party' nom in the Phoenix poll

As Jarvis Cocker of Pulp once sang, “This isn’t chocolate boxes and roses, it’s dirtier than that.” And so like those small animals that only come out at night, the pill kick starts Boston’s anti-Valentine’s Day weekend with an all night modern indie dance party mixer for the lovers, would-be lovers and the scorned black hearts of the lonely generation.

And the timing for another all-nighter is fast appropriate, as the pill has been nominated once again for “Best Dance Night” in the Boston Phoenix’s “Best of ’10” reader’s poll. Our humble little Britpop throw down took home the honor last year, and of course we’d love the people’s vote once again. Joining us on the ballot is our beloved Allston Dance City venue, Great Scott, which is up for Best Rock Club and "Best Bar.”

But these heavy accolades are a merely a cute liner note wink within the pill’s Friday night legacy, so dance with us this week as resident DJs Ken & Michael V extinguish the flames of love and coat the big pink in a harsh gray for both the lonely souls and catered holes, shining together like thunder under a dance floor’s colorful strobe.

Whether you arrive with an old lover or leave with a new one, you have the rest of the weekend to callously romanticize the rest of your love life. Look sharp, be ours, leave a note in the morning. xo the pill.

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