Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tonight: Grooms step up to Great Scott's altar

If I dig myself out of this Ice Cave I might roll deep into Great Scott tonight, as Brooklyn's Grooms will have proudly battled the I-95 storm and no doubt will be ready to fire off their noisy Sonic Youth-flavored indie-psyche for the parka-clad masses. My blurb from the Great Scott mailing list after the flyer jump...

with Young Adults, earthquake party!
TUESDAY 02.16.10

In 1892 the Brooklyn Grooms baseball club was no joke, finishing 95-59 in the still-fresh and still-rugged National League. First-baseman Dan Brouthers won a battle title. Starting pitcher George Haddock won 29 games. But among the on-field success came tragedy off it, as in May outfielder Hub Collins died of typhoid fever. Fast forward 118 years and Brooklyn's Grooms are aiming for an indie rock pennant after the death of their former band Muggabear.

In the new millennium, band name changes is the new bacterial infection, and luckily we have some antibiotics behind the bar just to get by. But like Brouthers and his 124 RBI back in the Summer of '92, these Grooms have no trouble waltzing up to the altar of rock (Ok, that made absolutely no sense, whatever).

But we get the same sensation listening to Brooklyn's Grooms as we got listening to Sonic Youth's "Jet Set, Trash and No Star" back in the innocent '90s, and this latest borough buzz band isn't using a synthesizer to lock-pick the blogosphere. Check these props: From InSound: "Highly recommended for fans of 90s era-Sonic Youth and a must see live." From Dusted: "A fascinating, sometimes schizophrenic dialogue between experimental noise and songwriter pop."

18+ 9pm $9 tickets

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