Friday, February 26, 2010

New Bloody Beetroots banger: 'Domino'.

Though "Warp 1.9" is still buzzing through my skull, Italian electro duo the Bloody Beetroots unleashed a new banger today, complete with epic video. Shit gets real about 2 minutes in. Presser re-posted down below because I am TGIFing like a bitch and why fuck with the deets of the Beets?


Dim Mak is pleased to announce the latest incarnation of The Bloody Beetroots. Beginning today they are releasing the dark and destructive musical, cinematic and photographic opus "DOMINO".

The name "DOMINO" comes from a typical Venetian Carnival costume, a robe with a black hood and a white mask. The title was chosen title to introduce the first BBDC77 anarco-musical army. The video - like Xmas Vendetta - underscores the contents of their latest critically acclaimed release "ROMBORAMA". "DOMINO" is part of "ROMBORAMA" and in turn "DOMINO" is a spare of "ROMBORAMA".

Bloody Beetroots is the guise under which producer and DJ Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo operates. In the Beetroots live sets and DJ sets, Sir Bob avails himself of the services of Tommy Tea. Despite their glorious origins in the alcoholic Italian hamlet of Bassano del Grappa, The Bloody Beetroots are a worldwide phenomenon.

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