Friday, February 26, 2010

Gotta Love It II: the Kitty Caller for the iPhone

You want EVEN MORE hard-hitting journalism? Well in today's Gotta Love It section of the Boston Herald, I confess a love for the Kitty Caller iPhone app. Again, that journalism degree from Hofstra University is really paying off:

The iPhone is cool and all, but does it feature cute kitty cats on its keypad? Does it meow when you press its buttons? And does it fire off colorful rainbows when dialing a friend? Didn’t think so. Turn your iPhone into the purr-fect treat for deranged cat people with Kobayashi Industries’ Kitty Caller app (99 cents at Say it together: “I’m in ur fone, dialin’ ur friendz.” -- Michael Marotta


  1. Hey, thanks for the Boston Herald shoutout! Glad you're having fun with Kitty Caller!

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