Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy lecture on the future of gaming

From Hotline, where yes, my mind was blown on this lonely Monday: Life is a game, and that’s been well documented even before Milton Bradley came up with the board game in 1860. But as technology evolves to consume our daily life, where is it headed and how does it track out achievement and progress through the world?

Check out this half-hour lecture by Carnegie Mellon University Professor Jesse Schell at the recent DICE 2010 summit in Las Vegas, where he dissects gaming development and what the future holds for the booming industry.

There’s a pretty sinister tone that emerges along the way, and if you’re wondering where our culture of gaming is headed and how it’s going to merge with every single aspect of society and daily life – from brushing your teeth for company points to showing off branding tattoos that change shape and earn you achievement – well then your head may asplode after watching it. The best 28-minute time waster you’ll invest in all week isn’t so much a time-waster, it’s a warning wrapped in a challenge.

This is kind of scary. And awesome. And terrifying.

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