Monday, February 1, 2010

Chester French party like "Ciroc Stars"

Yeah yeah, another Hotline repost, whatever I'm mad hungover from La Roux last night: It’s 2010, and pretty much any inked-up dolt with an iPod and a fifth of bourbon can party like a rockstar. That's so last decade. But how many of us can party like a Ciroc Star?

Around these parts, probably only Chester French.

The Harvard-edumacated pop duo released a video for their jam “Ciroc Star” last week, and well, it’s pretty much a shill for Diddy’s favorite booze. It is fun eye candy, though, watching DA Wallach and Max Drummey flaunt themselves around the Hard Rock Hotel’s Vanity nightclub in Las Vegas alongside Diddy and some homeys. Apparently the nightclub scenes were shot at Vanity’s grand opening party last month, which was hosted in style by ol’ Puffy. For the record, former Yankee slugger Jason Giambi is a co-owner of the joint, so you know the juice was flowing!

“A few weeks ago we went to Vegas with Diddy, Jadakiss, and Clinton Sparks for a sleepless night of adventure,” reports the Frenchsters. “The result, which we are proud to present to you now, was the official video for our song ‘Ciroc Star.’”

I don’t know. I really don’t know. Here’s the vid, and be warned: there’s an F-bomb in there, so don’t click on it if that kind of stuff offends you. If selling out and getting paid offends you, be equally warned.

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