Friday, February 26, 2010

Genesis 8:3: the waters receded :: so let's dance

No band tonight at the pill -- though Dear Leader next Friday certainly makes up for it. Just DJ Ken and I stretching out modern indie legs, stylized kick & filmstar whip, gasoline & drum machine, etc. xoMv.

friday february 26:
all night dance party
britpop . modern indie . boston floodlands

This is a city that was shiny, revolutionary and bold. This was a city build on resistance. Now that the sound of the warehouses, alleyways and Lower Allston kitchens have parked firmly on the crowded asphalt sidewalks flashing reflective like a faded crosswalk’s neon depth, it takes a gravitational point to reel it inward and screen the worthy, weaving a distinct tapestry of style, function and rebellion all wrapped in an otherwise unmarked compilation classified by two words: the pill.

We are marked byslick ink spots on the dorsal and a clenched cocktail coddled by the palmar, and this week the pill ratchets up the modern indie racket with another all-night dance party down at Great Scott. Last week’s Emergency Music weekend crystallized the past and captivated the now, and next Friday Dear Leader cast their own weekend residency stand at our crass flash mixer.

But the middle ground arrives tonight, as the pill kisses off February when DJ Ken & Michael V clear the stage and spin their prospecting mixture of Britpop, Modern Indie & Beyond. Shine the light of fine enlightened minds with new music by Conservative Man, Hot Chip, The Soft Pack, Yes Giantess, Penguin Prison, The xx, Cassette Kids, Girls, Spirit Kid, Neon Indian, These New Puritans, The Postmarks, Southern Belle, Surfer Blood, You Say Party We Say Die, Von Sudenfed and the rest of the Friday night pill soundtrack.

Look sharp, dance it up. This is the sound of our town, this is the sound of our now. xo

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