Thursday, October 1, 2009


Real quick: I have a feeling October could be the best month of my life. My new perspective on myself and the way I live, an emergence past dark clouds and shitty people and a newfound sense of value in things I once took for granted has me poised for a dose of happiness I've rarely seen. I've been floating on air the past few days, and I haven't even gotten around to:

- The Pill: Oct 9, the 12th anniversary with the Dossier; Oct. 16, the Sun Lee Sunbeam CD release; Oct. 23: The Golden Silvers join us from the UK; Oct. 30: the 7th annual Halloween Show. Yikes.

- Twin Berlin: More to come on this, but the first client of the Vanya Agency hits the Middle East on Monday, the beginning of what should be a very awesome relationship between me and the NYC/NE garage rock band. See the show for FREE by emailing me.

- Shows Galore: Lights on Sunday (!!!!), We Were Promised Jetpacks on Wednesday (w/ Michael V DJ set), Manics/White Lies on Thursday and Happy Mondays on Saturday kicks off a crazy month also featuring Echo & the Bunnymen @ GS and La Roux @ the Dise. So much going on. LIGHTS! <3

- New England Fall: From Sunday trips to Salem with D to midweek apple picking hooky sessions to King Richard's Faire, this is why I live in Boston.

- Baseball/hockey: The MLB playoffs should be intense, I enjoy watching the Pats and despite my still-sensitive heartbreak from last spring, I'm excited for the New Jersey Devils season to start this weekend. I have ZERO expectations going in to this year, so I'm going to enjoy what I can. Having access to Bruins games also rules, and I'll be there Oct. 29 when the Devils visit.

These are the best of times, those were the worst of times. Carry on.

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