Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Asobi Seksu tonight in Allston Township

Any man that spends the early morning hours traipsing the mean streets of Boston and NYC listening to Ride's "Nowhere" must have an ear for fleeting neo-shoegaze sounds, and one of the best in Asobi Seksu arrives at Great Scott tonight alongside Loney Dear and the Fenway Recording Sessions. One of the most criminally underrated bands of the decade, Asobi Seksu (colloquial Japanese for "playful sex," don'cha know?!?!) juxtaposes mountainous sonic cascades (OH MUSIC JOURNALISM TERMS WHASSUP) with the angelic voice of Yuki Chikudate, and it's quite a live experience. Will hit this up before possibly making my Penguin Club debut across Charlie at ZuZu, time permitting. Words on the show after the YouTube jump...

Here's what I wrote on the GS mailer last week: Loney Dear | Asobi Seksu | Anna Ternheim | DJ Carbo as part of The Feway Recordings Sessions

WEDNESDAY 10.14.09

In the depths of the Boston Herald's now-dormant printing facility beneath the newsroom, there's this bumper sticker for some local union, featuring a tagline at the bottom that reads "...From the folks who brought you THE WEEKEND." Well, Mark Kates and his Fenway Recording Sessions should make flyers that proudly states "...from the folks who brought you Echo & the Bunnymen." But before we get to all that next week, Fenway revs up the playoff run with the indie-pop pogo mini-orchestra of Sweden's Emil Svanängen, otherwise known as Loney Dear. But adding to the sly-wink cute-pop theme of the night is the must-see neo-shoegaze of Brooklyn's Asobi Seksu. Finally moving past all the "next big thing" taglines that seemed to dog this band a few years ago, Asobi can now concentrate on making music that sweeps you away to other worlds, in a dreamy cascade of sonic sound waterfalls and angelic midnight vocals Also, the size discrepancy between singer Yuki Chikudate and guitarist James Hanna is always something I've marveled at. Just saying. I adore this band, and everyone should see their hypnotic live show at least once every few years. 18+ 9pm $13.00 details

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