Friday, October 9, 2009

the pill 12th anniversary ::: the Dossier

As you as know, tonight is my party's 12th anniversary. Yes, I moved here in 2000, and didn't get rolling (lolzer old timer) on the operations/booking tip until 2003 or so, but the existence of a party like the pill was one of the deciding factors in relocating up here almost a decade ago. DJs Ken & Jennifer struck gold with their Britpop/60s mix back in 1997, and now the night is a Boston institution.

Helping us celebrate tonight is NYC synthpop duo the Dossier, who emerged from the romantic pop ashes of Saintface in a swap of Smithsian indie for dance floor euasures. They destroyed at the pill a year ago, and no doubt they'll bring the live dance to epic levels tonight. Before and after the band, DJ Ken and I spin the Modern Indie hits. Look sharp. xo

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