Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ITP: Advance tix to Fatal Flaw as Green Day (Oct. 29)

Pulled from another Hotline post of mine this morning, and you know what, I DO NOT CARE that I am admitting to loving a Green Day song. Nope, don't fucking care. The song rules, and can't wait to hear it post-Devils-Bruins game next Thursday at OBs...

No no no no... not the real Green Day, but local indie band the Fatal Flaw's Oct. 29 Halloween Show performance at Obrien's Pub as early '90s Green Day, taking us back in time to before the snotty-cool Bay Area punks got all epic rock opera on us. Folks can scoop up advance tickets here for a limited time, and since O'Brien's holds about 80 people, they might go fast.

While I don't mean to be too revealing, I do have on on good authority that Green Day's greatest song, "Going to Pasalacqua" (off 1991 compilation "1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours"), will be included in the Fatal Flaw's set. That's worth the ticket price right there, kids.

The rest of the night shapes up like this:

12:00 Green Day (The Fatal Flaw)
11:00 Texas is the Reason (Members of WHITEWIFE, The Information, Barnicle, The Modifiers)
10:00 Quicksand (Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan)
9:00 Dag Nasty (Capital Radio)


To get extra pumped:

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