Sunday, October 11, 2009

King Richard's Faire day trip

One of the benefits of drafting your worst fantasy football team EVER is having Sunday's free from the tyranny of ESPN Gamecast. So I'm enjoying this last day of what is now known as The Greatest Vacation Ever (Did I mention I saw Toxic Avenger spin Wednesday morning? Sheesh.) by heading southbound with Lady K and the K & J Condo Love Squad to the King Richard's Faire in Carver USA.

This is ALWAYS my favorite day of the fall, a yearly excursion through the foliage and into a gluttonous outdoor den of giant turkey legs, jousting knights and medieval hecklers. And of course, unexpectedly seeing a Boston club kid and sharing a momentary glance of "busted!" I hope to be knighted, hope to shoot some motherfucking arrows and maybe I'll ring the bell tower with a giant hammer. But probably not that last one because I'm a Nancy Boy. Regardless, what a fitting end to a perfect week, and Vanyaland will continue its regularly scheduled music and nightlife programming when I'm back to reality on Tuesday.

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