Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Editors release new album today

Well this should come in handy on a gray-as-fuck day like today, not only finding me back at work but also seeing ghosts extend the Drive of Shame back to Allston on my morning commute. So not missing a beat, UK post-punk-whatever band Editors released their third album today via iTunes, "In This Light And On This Evening," and I'm fucking pumped -- I've been a fairly decent fan of their first two doom-and-indie-gloom albums, and the lead single "Papillon" already got some love here on VL.

I really don't expect any glacial shifts in sound, though the single had a bit o' electro-through-Mode stomper sound to it. I figure it will be epic, it will be gnarly, and it will make me think of a girl who's name begins with the letter A. Ahh, good times. Here's the album art, and the presser from Fader after the jump detailing the online release:

Editors release their third album "In This Light and On This Evening" on FADER Label today via iTunes.

"In This Light and On This Evening," created in London, the city that inspired Tom's lyrics, was produced by the legendary Flood. "In This Light and On This Evening" is a career defining album that shows this band has musical intelligence and the ability to reinvent themselves. The album is incredibly strong, intelligent and uncompromising.

"In This Light and On This Evening" represents a significant step forward for the band following the huge successes of d├ębut album "The Back Room" and the Number One follow up "An End Has A Start." Determined to push this record wholly into new territory, listeners can expect a more electronic record yet with a 'human feel' with London acting as a constant backdrop.

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