Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In my head: Little Boots "Remedy"

The whole song of the week shit is as played out as me having to sit in the balcony for the Lady Gaga show in December, so I'm starting a new feature: "In My Head," and yes, it's nothing more than dope shit that gets caught up in my adroitly-styled dome piece all day.

So while La Roux broke out pithy little hearts last night, we turn our attention to the sleek electro-pop of Little Boots (the sexy chick formerly in Death Disco) and her contribution to the pill Dance Mix Vol. 3, "Remedy." Fanfuckingtastic, listening to this racing home from Coolidge Corner at 2am, this.

I am forever a 13-year-old girl. Or a drag queen. Same diff.

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