Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ITP: Bang Bang Eche at Great Scott 10/28

From my most recent Hotline post: There's a ton of great stuff going on tomorrow night (Wednesday Oct. 28), from Simian Mobile Disco at the Paradise to San Francisco party duo Wallpaper funking up the Bodega Girls' lo-fi hedonistic dance party at the Middlesex Lounge. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either of those.

But one band that's caught Hotline's attention takes the stage at Great Scott in Allston, performing alongside sure-to-be-huge-in-2010 local dance-soul kids Mystery Roar (members of Cassette, the Bon Savants, Westward Trail!!) and Los Angeles' mack-maven Har Mar Superstar.

They are called Bang Bang Eche, they are teenagers, they are from New Zealand, and their ferocious post-punk assault will likely melt your face off. It's like Gang of Four on steroids. And synths.

We can't print the name of their new EP in this family newspaper space, but it's already one of the more hyped releases of the year after the band blew things up at CMJ last week. Standout tracks "4 To The Floor" and "Time Mismanagement" have received a few favorable spins at local dance parties, and word on the street is that Bang Bang Eche's live show is not to be missed. Apparently they also pass around a teardrop-shaped Vox bass while playing on stage, but we'll see about all that.

Here's a Hotline preview pulled from Bang Bang Eche's Red Bull Studio Sessions... fire it up.

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