Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wasted Talent on full display tonight

Very excited for tonight's Wasted Talent / Mystery Roar / Secret Sea show tonight at the Mid-Easy. Here's how a previewed the shit on my Herald blogspace: There’s a good bit of local band evolution going down at the Middle East tonight as cheeky dance-hop duo Wasted Talent unleashes its debut CD on us poor lead-footed masses.

Wasted Talent is the new electro-rap project from 80’s jam master and overall man-about-town veteran Paul Foley – teaming up with Nabo Rawk — who recently hit the stage as big cheese of the Warm Bodies performance-art party team. But before they melt our faces off with songs like “Khed!” – think “kid” in a townie accent with shout-outs to the MBTA Orange Line, Malden and Timmy & Tammy — we also get to see some exciting new bands with familiar faces.

The vinyl-pressed dance-funk party train of Mystery Roar has risen from the ashes of synth-poppers Cassette (who became We Are Cassette, then became Fantasy Mirrors) and also features Tia Carioli of the Bon Savants. Expect these cats, who get busy like the Bodega Girls, to generate some buzz by the time school starts back up. Get their new track “Why Can’t I See You” on your beach-bound summer mix tape right now.

Show openers the Secret Sea is the new project from two-thirds of UV Protection, a DIY art-beat trio that never got the success it deserved a few years ago. Though they’ve been playing out for a while now, they seem to have kept a fairly low profile. As someone who loved UV Protection at their audio-visual heyday, it’s great to see Deborah Bernard and Karen Tsiakals pick up the darker side of synthesizer pop right where UV left off.

Before, between and after the bands, DJ Silent Partner keeps the beat alive. Doors open at 8 p.m., and it’s an instant party on a Tuesday night in Central Square, enough of a warm-up to get you jazzed for a Hearthrob nightcap down the street at Middlesex.

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