Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Totally Michael @ GS / Totally Michael V might attend

No idea where I'll end up this evening after the media reception at the new Lansdowne Pub (hey, I got bill to pay too you know) but while Hearthrob wins the Night Prize according to my Herald blog there's also some dope shit going down at Great Scott in Allston DC, where one-man synth-party explosion Totally Michael and Prizzy Prizzy Please get crunked on a Tuesday. Here's what I said in the weekly Great Scott mailer:

TUESDAY 06.23.09 : Totally Michael with Prizzy Prizzy Please
About a year ago, Totally Michael was on his hustle out of Indiana, looking to bring one-man party jams to Boston. When he couldn't secure a show at a regular venue, he played for free at TJ Scallywags Vegan Pizza in Allston, a delirious show surrounded by kids spazzing the fuck out. Now a part of the blowing-up IHEARTCOMIX family and getting remixed by Flosstradomus and Miami Horror (frealz), Totally Michael is back in the clubs bringing a New Year's Eve party vibe along every stop. Listen to "Winona" and try to not smile. I dare you. If this is your Tuesday night, you're having the Best Week Ever. 9pm, 18-plus, $9

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