Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amazing Baby & Phoenix tonight @ 'Dise

I've already shot written loads all over NYC's Amazing Baby, but tonight they hit Boston with something to prove: Opening for Phoenix at the Paradise. "Rewild" is in the shuffule for my Top Album of 2009 -- with Passion Pit and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- so I'm super excited to catch them live.

I hope that holdover Britpop magic carries through to a live setting, though I'm not expecting extreme acts of flamboyancy. While some tracks remind me of early Suede, there's certainly chemical traces of Bowie and Pulp in there as well, begging the question: Britpop resurrected through the rooftops of Brooklyn?

As for Phoenix, I dig the first two tracks on the album -- "Listzowhatever" and "1901" -- so this show has limitless potential.

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  1. Was a great show.