Friday, June 12, 2009

Sally O'Brien's shows its musical roots

If you're in Union Square Somerville tomorrow night and dig on some cool local roots and Americana, head to Sally O'Brien's Bar for the CD release party/showcase of 'Song For Sally', an 18-track compilation featuring the regulars who perform at the friendly pub next to PAs.

Been hanging around there all week putting together today's article, and it's a pretty cool scene (not to mention one kick-ass burger.)

Though he's not on the CD, I caught former Dylan collab Spider John Koerner give us some good ol' traditional '60s bar-folk on Tuesday night, and I would probably never have heard him had I not been hanging out researching. There's quite a roots scene growing in that part of Somerville, and Saturday is a must-see if you're feeling that stuff.

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