Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free WHITEWIFE tracks from Graeme Hall Audio

Metal guitar slayer Zack Wells (you may still call him Zack Info from those halcyon days of other band, the Information) has a new project up and going, emerging not long after he ghosted the Fatal Flaw. They're called WHITEWIFE, they're heavy as a motherfuck and I believe some of the dudes from the Vershok are also involved. Graeme Hall Audio (dude from Moki, Bang Camaro) is offering up two demos, "Cement Shoes" and "Rope and Shovel," for free download.

Love the name, love the logo. The music kinda scares me though. Also, today I learned that a Google search for "White wife" with safe-search disabled suggests some pretty raunchy shit, and took me places I need'nt go.

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