Monday, June 22, 2009

1/2 of Guns N Bombs @ Hearthrob tomorrow

So today and tonight is a fucking wash-out only to be saved by Taco Night and VH1's "Charm School," but no one outside me, my girl Brig and my cat Lola (who got me nothing for Father's Day yesterday) really cares about Taco Night so let's look ahead to Tuesday where shit gets back banging again. Deathface, aka Jonny Love of sickasfuck LA duo Guns N Bombs, drops by Hearthrob at Middlesex Lounge in one certain electro shitshow dance party throwdown.

Last time Guns N' Bombs were in town one of the dudes got laid in the Great Scott bathroom while the other held it down on stage. As for tomorrow, I do not know if Deathface is the kid who got some ass or the steady-on-the-tables other dude, but either way Boston wins. Oh fuck me it's also Zak Broman's 21st birthday. This just in: Wednesday will never happen.

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