Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Pill up for Best Club Night (again)

The Boston Phoenix/FNX "Best Music Poll" nominees were released today, and the pill is up for BEST CLUB NIGHT! (This is different from the '09 "Best of" reader's poll we won earlier this year).

But what rules about the nominees is that each party is pretty fucking dope and deserving of a win: Circus, Heroes, Make It New, Soul-Le-Lu-Jah, Hearthrob and of course, us. Group of Death type shit right here, and who knows who will win. Props to the organizers for getting the right parties in there, and not giving handjobs to advertisers or chest-beaters of whomever. There are definitley other parties that are mad fun, but these are the ones that highlight Boston.


  1. "The Pill up for Best Club Night that still plays Menswear" :D


  2. Hey, the fact that we play Menswear in 2009 and STILL get nominated for best party and shit shows just how LEGIT we are. :)

  3. So true! The fact that you play Menswear is why ze pill gets my vote.