Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tool Academy? Mega, please

UPDATE: We're down to the Final Five on VH1's amazing piece of modern art, the Tool Academy!. <3 this show.

It's a snowed-in Sunday, but there is good news. While most VH1 shows are pretty much all academies for tools (albeit amazing ones I watch every day), a new one has finally come to terms with its own existence.

Yes, VH1 has another potential classic on its hands with The Tool Academy, airing now and again tonight at 10pm. Bronzed-up and tribal-tatted d-bags try to shape up for their pudgy, busted girlfriends under the watchful sponsorship of Jagerbomb USA. I wonder how many of these dudes are from Long Island. Actually, I think I went to high school with one. But so far it's pretty awesome, and "M.E.G.A., please" is already the new "Your Party Was Whack."

And equally awesome other shows are on the way: The Entertainer, Heat, Tailor Made, Buddha and Angelique highlight the cast of I Love Money 2, premiering Feb. 2. Some weak links here, but uh, wait, is that a TAG on MILF's bikini? *palmedheadslap*

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