Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winged Cats need to be stopped

I’m a bit concerned with this whole Winged Cat phenomenon going on right now in China. Not having wings is the only thing preventing Lola from completely taking over Brichael’s House of Possums, and while a flying feline sounds like a good idea at first (look out, pigeons) I can’t say it’s the Fancy Feast of cat evolution. Hopefully this is only the result of unhygienic matted fur, as airborne kitties should only be something sold in glass jars at Spencer’s Gifts and Lord Cheng knows we don’t need anymore value menu items down at the local Dragon Wok. Of course, this could sprout a whole new litter of LOLcats, as they already have one up on those cunty sea kittens.


  1. lola's next birthday or christmas present: the "catwings" series by ursula k. le guin

  2. Lola is being completely kept in the dark at any prospect iof her growing wings.