Thursday, January 8, 2009

BonChon Chicken @ Privus

I'm already addicted to Privus' sushi (which has replaced fast food 100% in my diet) but now the Allston lounge has raised the stakes with BonChon, Korean fried chicken that is so effin good, the lady and I grab it to go after our maki coma. From my Cheap Thrills column in today's Herald, which also includes free Oni screenings at MoS and Game Night at Noir in Cambridge:

BonChon chicken at Privus Lounge in Allston

165 Brighton Ave. Open daily, 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., $9.95-$10.95
A sushi lounge might not be the first place to look for the city’s best chicken, but Privus Lounge is now the first to bring BonChon to the Hub. A Korean fried-chicken franchise based in New York, BonChon is lightly seasoned and heavily delicious, dipped and cooked in either soy-garlic or hot-spicy sauces. For $9.95, eat-in or take home 10 pieces of wings or five drumsticks ($10.95 scores both in smaller portions). There are larger sizes, but hey, we’re Cheap Thrills. And this is as thrilling as chicken gets.
Info: 617-787-7483,,

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