Wednesday, January 21, 2009

COBER's "Western Cutter," Jan 22 @ TTs

Local solo artist Sheila Bommakanti, otherwise known as COBER, releases her latest album tomorrow night at TTs. There's just something about her ethereal sounds that captivates me, and the new material is the perfect soundtrack to a dark winter night alone in New England.

From today's Boston Herald Hotline: Some music was made for winter’s short, dark days and frigid temperatures. The Cure’s “Disintegration,” Suede’s “Dog Man Star” and pretty much every underground Goth record seems to mirror the cold, stark landscape of its creators.

Enter Cober, the one-woman Boston-via-Seattle psych-goth project of Sheila Bommakanti . Armed only with a double-necked Gibson SG guitar, two Marshall amp stacks and a veritable control center of effects pedals, Bommakanti as Cober creates the type of sounds suitable for a release party in the middle of New England winter.

So it’s only fitting she celebrates the release of her new album, “The Western Cutter,” Thursday at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge. It’s available on CD and black or blue vinyl.

“It’s definitely a winter album,” Bommakanti said. “But there is an air of hope to everything in it. It’s not supposed to bring you down.”

On the surface, “The Western Cutter” moves at the deliberate pace of a burning incense stick, with textured layers of sound and emotions that elicit the sullen passion of Portishead . Its underlying message of strength is packaged dark and dreary - a perfect soundtrack for pulling up the covers and waiting for spring to arrive.

“It’s for those nights that are just too cold to go out,” Bommakanti said. “Pour some wine or make some tea, put the record on and let it hit the spot.”

Catch a preview of the tunes at Or head to T.T.’s, where Via Audio, Modern Skirts and Jaggery are also on the bill. Tickets are $9.

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