Monday, January 19, 2009

Banger lineup: Not too shabby

Still recovering from a double Saturday night shot of Logan 5 and Larry Tee. But already my head is fixated on this weekend, with early glances pointing towards the pill Friday and then the Bon Savants the next night at Great Scott. Oh, then there is this...

I don’t normally hype parties that conflict with my own, but this Banger lineup is just too sick to ignore, in a Feels-Like-LA type party vibe. Naturally I’ll be holding it down at GS, but if you’re on the other side of the river and want to feel the new beat, this is the place to be. Circus, Basstown, Happy Endings, Hellauxx, So Dope, Paper... many Boston parties are repped here, and future pill performer Giantess opens up the throw down with some live synthpop before the heavy shit starts to kill.

This is 100% guaranteed fun, but what’s even cooler is that it’s also a sign of the times in 2k9 – all sorts of different peoples working together, throwing events together, crossing over and ensuring there are fun things to do in Boston. This did not exist a year ago, and the bitterness between scenes and parties seems to have subsided for a bit. 200-hate is over, dance lives in the New Year.

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