Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekly Wax gets glammed out @ RiverGods

Tonight looks like a clusterfuck. Between the Bruins game and having to get up mad early to be on FNX Radio tomorrow morning, the angel on my shoulder tells me to order some takeout, watch the game and pass out early. The devil on my shoulder says booze it up, catch the game on the fly and check this fucker out down at River Gods, starring DJ/VJ Craig from Videodrome.

Oh dear, you had me at "...just about anyone with makeup." Why isn't Kayley Kravitz all over this shit?


  1. We're a mess of eyeliner and spray paint, DIY destruction on Chanel chic... Don't fall in love 'cos we hate you still!

    Shit, I need to hit this up in my Manics gear.

  2. Maybe Richey will show up? Oh wait prob not cuz he's dead. #toosoon