Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday: The Sun Lee Sunbeam strip it down

Before Vanyaland gets buried in pill promotion, I wanted to acknowledge pill faves the Sun Lee Sunbeam, who strip it down and shake it up in rocking gently tomorrow night at the Plough & Stars in Cambridge. The official word from the 'Beam after the stellar flyer

Tomorrow night we strip down for you–acoustic style–at one of our beloved intimate venues: the Plough & Stars. we do love these shows and have heard whispers that some of you feel the same way. REHR!

But for those of you who have yet to experience us like this, the four of us rearrange how we play so that the focus is more about the songs than the 'show'. Jessica plays the acoustic, mike changes up the pedals, Mary gets crazy with the tambo, and Jeff throws in the bongos, xylophone, and his washboard stomach. (One of us likes to show off more than the rest of us. EH HEM.)

We mix up the setlist with a variety of tunage and tend to throw in a soulful cover. unfortunately, this will be our last show like this for months.

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