Monday, May 24, 2010

Advance warning: Endless Wave EP release

Boston-based skygaze trio Endless Wave -- who have joined New England garage rock band Twin Berlin on my recently re-launched Vanya MMC roster -- are releasing their debut EP "City Walls" on June 9 at Great Scott. The record is released through indie start-up label Fort Point Recordings, launched by a co-owner of the Good Life Bar on Kingston Street.

Also on the June 9 release party bill are Philadelphia's Asteroid #4, Montreal's the High Dials and a special opening set from "Jupiter Transmission."

Got a bit of advance notice on this, but we scored the physical copies of the EP last week and now the flyers are finished. We're really proud of this record, and think it will help put Boston rock back on the map. More to come on this, for certain...

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