Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'The Human Centipede' arcade game!!!!

An increasingly rare Hotline repost: Celebrating the greatest phenomenon of 2010 that does not involve dead washed-up rock stars, a bread-less fast-food chicken sandwich or the ability to play a 30-year-old video game on the Google home page, someone actually made a shooting game for the instantly-legendary Tom Six cult horror film "The Human Centipede." Yes, it's kinda based off the old "Centipede" arcade game, and clearly we're still months away from a game where you have to stitch people together ass-to-mouth. Can you be 100% medically accurate in three lives or less? Before we find out, lets shoot 'em up...

Ladies and germs, fire away at that pesky 'Pede. (Hat tip to Zack)