Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twin Berlin rules my face; Aug. 21 @ the pill

Last Thursday I was sitting on a Media 101 panel at District Lounge, and one of the topics was "how to get the press to cover my band/event/whatever?" My reply was simple: "Be awesome." As I've stated in the past, I listen to every CD I get sent to my desk at the Herald, and it doesn't matter how fancy-pants expensive and shiny your kit is. All that matters is that your music intrigues.

Case in point: NYC garage rock boys Twin Berlin, who sent me their twin-single deftly wrapped in Connecticut newspaper. I put it in, and it floored me. Now they're playing the pill on Aug. 21 (ironic, though, since now I can't write about the gig -- but certainly others will).

Both songs are lethal. "Pretty From The Window" has a fierce Libertines guitar-led dance romp (as well as a great song title) and "Fake It Well" is a super-cool Stroke-paced ballad with equally keen lyrical play and melodic drift. Been loving these guys all week, and it all started with a burned CD wrapped in Waterbury classified ads. Again, want to be noticed? Be great.

(Top photo by Waterdog; above band shot by Superfan Photography)


  1. Saw these guys open up for the Takeover UK and Gliss. Gliss were the highlight, obviously, but Twin Berlin definitely out shined the Takeover UK. Very catchy garage rock!

    Sadly, I think that's the weekend I'll be out of town so I can't make the show! :(

  2. Oh shit that was at TTs in May, right? Damn I was thisclose to going to that. Taco Night intervened.

  3. Yes, it was a great show! Well, at least from Twin Berlin and Gliss, heh.

    Speaking of Jesus & Mary Chain-fused psych rock, are you aware of the Warlocks, Morning After Girls, and Vandelles show at GS next month?

  4. I am. I love the Vandelles. Tried to hook up a pill date but it fell through. Just call me Will B. Der.