Friday, July 17, 2009

Satz: Robot Revolution & Roller Deby

I have no idea what's up at Circus at Privus tomorrow night, so I'll shift the Saturday night electro party hype over to Jamaica Plain, where Damien Paul's monthly Robot Revolution party brings in Red Foxx for some mechanical lovin and sleazy meat-beat action. Great flyer for the (free) party, as well, and JP in the summertime is always a trip. RSVP and more info here.

Of course, if the robo-dance stuff ain't your bag, and prefer strong-armed bouts of female roller derby oval-assed chaos to sooth your Caturday itch, then hop aboard the Sun Lee Sunbeam's party bus and head north with the Boston Derby Dames...

Still not inspired? There's more weekend party/show/event flyers posted in my Herald Hotline blog.