Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random acts of niceness

There's a guy here in the newsroom who worships the Red Sox and goes to Vegas a few times a year. In the spring, he gave a bunch of people, including me, a $10 ticket from Harrahs Casino that payed out $50 if the Sox won the World Series.

Not only am I now $50 richer because of his generosity, but he just gave me a 50 dollar bill in exchange for my ticket, which he's taking to Vegas next week to cash himself. Otherwise, I'd have to sign it and mail it there myself and wait a few weeks.

I'm pretty much floored by this. I offered to buy him lunch or something, but he waved me off. I feel like now i have to do something equally considerate for another relative stranger, but we all know I perobably won't. Pay it backward. (Oh yeah, Halloween photos and report later tonight!)

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